How To Change Your Life: Part 2 – Align Your Thoughts And Feelings

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This is the second post in a series on how to change your life. If you want to start at the beginning of the series, head on over to: How To Change Your Life: Part 1 – Become Clear.

If you followed the instructions in the last post in this series, you are already clear about what you want your life to be like. Now you’re ready for the next step…

Getting your thoughts and feelings aligned with what you want to create.

Why You Need To Have Your Thoughts And Feelings Aligned With Your Goals

First, Your Thoughts And Feelings Affect Your Actions

How much effort do you think you will make toward achieving a goal if you don’t believe you can realistically achieve it? You will probably not even bother starting, or else you will give up at the first sign of difficulty. Why make the effort if it’s really not possible right?

However, if you really believe that your goals can become reality, your motivation to take action and succeed will skyrocket.

By training your mind, you can actually start believing in yourself and your ability to achieve your goals. When this happens, your motivation to take action and persevere until your goals become reality will skyrocket.

Second, Your Thoughts And Feelings Help Program Your Subconscious Mind

Your subconscious mind likes consistency. It will do everything it can to keep things in your life the same.

Over the years, you may have noticed repeated scenarios in your life. Your income will generally stay the same, you often end up having similar relationship experiences, you experience the same types of failures over and over again. This is your subconscious mind at work.

If things in your life ever start varying from the norm, your subconscious brain can’t tolerate it. It will actually work against your best efforts to make positive changes in your life. This is why smokers have a hard time quitting, people who lose weight usually gain it all back, and why lottery winners often end up just as broke as they were before winning within a few years.

Thankfully, this can also be used to your advantage. Your subconscious mind can’t tell the difference between something that is real and something that is imagined. So if you spend enough time imagining a new reality for yourself, your subconscious will begin to believe that this imagined reality is the way things are actually supposed to be. It will actually aid you in making your imagined reality come true.

Third, Your Thoughts and Feelings Are What Activate The Law of Attraction

The law of attraction states that like attracts like, but what exactly does this have to do with your thoughts and feelings?

The images your hold in your mind will attract similar images into your reality. So if you regularly hold mental images of you having achieved your goals, the law of attraction will kick in and start working to make those mental images come true.

The feelings you have are also have an attraction force to them. In fact, many people argue that your feelings have much more attraction power than mental images.

If you feel successful, you will tend to attract more success into your life. If you feel wealthy, you will tend to attract more wealth. If you feel worried, you will tend to attract more situations that will cause you to worry.

How To Get Your Thoughts And Feelings Aligned With Your Goals


The most effective way to get your thoughts and feelings aligned with your goals is to use visualization.

Spend time every day imagining that your goal(s) are already a reality in your life. Use a first person perspective (looking through your own eyes) so it’s like you are right there experiencing everything first hand.

  • What is going on around you?
  • What does your life look like?
  • Who is there with you?
  • Imagine those people congratulating you.
  • Imagine yourself celebrating your success with your friends and loved ones.

Make it all as detailed as possible so that it not only looks real, but it feels real too. These feelings can really ramp up your attraction power.

  • Feel grateful for your success.
  • Feel excited about your success.
  • Feel grateful for how easy it was to achieve.
  • If your goal is related to relationships, enjoy the new feelings of friendship or love.
  • If your goal is related to money, enjoy the feelings of being wealthy and being able to afford whatever you want to buy.
Index Cards

Write down each goal you have on a separate index card.

Read through these cards several times a day to reinforce your visualizations. Reading through them will tend to bring up the images and feelings that you use during your visualizations. This will help to further reinforce the mental reprogramming that you’re doing.

Make it a Daily Practice

It typically takes about 30 days to start shifting the thought processes of your subconscious mind. This is why it’s important to make sure that you visualize for 20 minutes every day, for at least 30 days straight.

If you ever miss a day, you will need to start your count over.

After that, it’s good a good idea to keep up the daily habit as it will continue to reinforce your mind with images of your success. Not only will it will help you to keep focused and motivated as you take action, but it will also continue to activate the law of attraction in your favor.

In our next post, we’ll be covering part 3 of how to change your life – Learn How To Change. Be sure to join us!

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